Showers and cloudy skies are expected to hit Saskatoon Wednesday.

Greg Pender / Saskatoon StarPhoenix

It’s starting to look a lot like autumn in Saskatoon as the unseasonably warm weather is being traded for rain and clouds.

Starting out the day, the sky is expected to drop around 5 millimetres of rain ending in the early afternoon and leaving behind cloudy skies. Winds will also be gusting between 20-40 kilometres per hour from the northeast as temperatures hit a high of 15 C — slightly cooler than the seasonal average of 18.4 C.

Into the evening and overnight, skies are expected to remain cloudy as temperatures dip to a low of 7 C — warmer than the seasonal average of 4.9 C.

Record temperatures for September 13 currently sit at 31.7 C, set in 1969, and at -5.6 C, a record low set 20 years earlier in 1949.