Weather for Saturday: Pull out some cold beverages, temperatures to reach a high of 33 C

Temperatures in Saskatoon have been rising steadily over the last week and Saturday is shaping up to be the hottest yet.

Throughout the day, Environment Canada is calling for clear skies with some local smoke and a 20 kilometre per hour wind blowing in from the south. Don’t expect the breeze to give you much respite from the heat though because the high is expected to hit 33 C — very close to the record temperature set in 1981 when the mercury reach 33.9 C and more than 13 degrees warmer than the seasonal average.

Into the evening and overnight skies will turn partly cloudy with the wind shifting to the southwest and gusting between 30-50 kilometres per hour. The low is expected to hit 13 C — much warmer than the record low set in 1918 when temperatures dipped to a chilly -3.9 C.



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